face down in a bowl of pudding


How desperate are you, that you call on such lost creatures to defend you?

I told you I don’t want to join your Super Secret Boy Band.

#Imagined Tony getting all up in Natasha’s face like #NATASHAAAAAA YOU CAN’T BE IN OUR SUPER SECRET BOY BAND BECAUSE IT’S A /BOY/ BAND #and Natasha like #just kicks him in the nuts#and then Tony keels over #and she’s like #Now you can’t be in it either #and Clint like laughs so hard he can’t even fucking breathe omg

So last night I had a dream that I went to a sex shop owned by Nick Fury from The Avengers, and Dr. House was there giving me tips on what to buy. The whole time he was sucking on a penis shaped sucker like “Too small, too big, not enough girth, jesus woman do I need to pick it out for you!” and by the time I finally did pick one I went to check out and Nick Fury was giving me this look with his one eye before adding on a free bottle of lube.

  • Nick Fury: I'd like to know what Loki did to turn two of my best agents into his personal flying monkeys.
  • Thor: ...Monkeys? I don't understand.
  • Captain America: I do!
  • Nick Fury:
  • Stark:
  • Thor:
  • Captain America:
  • Nick Fury:
  • Stark:
  • Thor:
  • Captain America: I understood that reference.



#bruce i’ve known you for ten minutes but lets be bffs and you can come over and play with my stuff and we’ll have sleepovers #bruce you should know that i don’t care about your glaring personality disorder

#the avengers: the movie in which tony acts like an ass to everyone but his new science bro 

I want to watch The Avengers again.